Every Christmas, we usually add more menu items to ensure that you can enjoy your christmas meal with your family and friends. This year, here are your top four dishes that you can order from kalasheep Indian takeaway in Newmarket!


Cheesy Truffle Kebab Wrap 

It’s a kebab wrapped in truffle cheese and served with chapatis. It’s ideal for appetisers, main courses, or even Christmas nibbles! Truffle cheeses are extremely exotic, aromatic cheeses flavoured with fresh truffles. It’s a big hit with our customers! Make sure to give it a try soon!

Truffle Naan

Baked naan with truffle cheese! It’s something unique and delicious! It goes well with any curry dish! 

Festive Curry (Rice included)

This is it! Our new Christmas dish invented by Kalasheep! Tandoori chicken in a buttery fusion with onions, brussel sprouts, and lashings of cream. Sweetened by cranberry sauce and garnished with Yorkshire pudding. (Trust the process, this rich curry is delicious!)

Chicken Tikka Masala

It’s a classic dish of all time, and the colour of the dish fits in perfectly with your Christmas theme. It’s also a very tasty dish! Make your order tonight!

That’s all for now folks! We will have more new dishes coming soon! Keep an eye out on our website or facebook for the latest updates! Stay tuned! 😁