The food from this country in Asia has been gaining popularity at a steady pace in the UK. Indian cuisine is becoming more and more popular in the UK, whether it be curries or any other Indian dish. Consequently, there are countless Indian restaurants and takeaways which have become a go to place to have good food to satisfy their Indian food cravings.

Let us take a dive into the reason behind the success of Indian takeaways in the UK.

The popularity of Indian takeaways is undoubtedly due in a large part to the growing number of people who enjoy Indian cuisine. But this begs a question, what really makes Indian food so unique. Indian food is prepared with a huge variety of spices and herbs, moreover, the way the food is cooked and prepared also has great significance. For example, the most popular Indian dish in the UK is Chicken Tikka Masala. This dish consists of chicken pieces and a creamy sauce which is usually spicy. From utilising the correct quantity of ingredients to cooking for the precise amount of time, this recipe demands a lot of talent from a chef. The creamy texture of the sauce and the spicy flavour to it is what makes this dish so delicious and unique. It appears as though the meal has travelled all the way from India since Indian takeaways have perfected the technique of preparing traditional Indian dishes.

The fact that Indian cuisine differs significantly from the food that people typically consume in the UK is another extremely important factor in the strong demand for Indian food in the UK. Examples of this include chicken tikka and palak paneer. Typically, you wouldn’t find such dishes which are so full of flavour in the UK but with the increase of Indian restaurants and takeaways, people in the UK now love to try something different and unique which is from a foreign country.

When the Indian restaurants were closed for dine-in, takeaways enjoyed a great deal of success. This is also one of the reasons Indian takeaways have gained success recently in the UK. People can easily get their favourite cuisines from their favourite Indian takeaways and enjoy it from the comfort of their homes.

Indian Takeaways have come a long way and it seems as if they are going to succeed even more in the future.

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