During 2020, the whole world was hit by something that we did not understand. Covid-19, a virus spread throughout the world, leaving all of humanity in a state of panic and fear.

The effects that the virus had on our world were catastrophic: human lives were lost, the economy of all, rather it be developed or third world countries took a big hit, businesses were shut down, people lost their jobs and the list goes on.

Indian takeaway and restaurants also were hugely impacted, thousands of curry houses had to close up shop. It was a tough situation but the restaurant owners and staff have worked hard and made it through the pandemic.

It’s not all doom and gloom for small businesses as most takeaways are busier than usual. The lockdowns were imposed, people were not able to dine out and restaurants have found the way to generate revenue. When the spread of Covid-19 slowed and vaccines became available, the lockdowns were lifted and restaurants began to reopen.

Indian takeaways, then had a sigh of relief and a hope that things would be better. Sadly, many of the takeaways had to downsize in order to stay within their budget.

Restaurants were also required to ensure that all their staff were fully vaccinated in order to reopen their doors to customers. They also had to ensure extra care was taken in cleaning the restaurant furniture and utensils. Indian takeaways met these challenges head-on, adhering to all rules and protocols and provided the best services to their customers.

They also welcomed their customers back by providing some special discounts and offers. The pickup and delivery systems of Indian takeaways improved significantly, they also came up with innovative ideas like offering FREE delivery within a certain radius.

Although Indian takeaways took a massive hit because of Covid-19, the way they handled the situation saved many of them from facing closure.

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